health benefits of dark chocolate

My favorite health benefits of dark chocolate

Here are my top seven health benefits of dark chocolate

Antioxidants and anti-aging are one of the health benefits of dark chocolate

Many of the health benefits of dark chocolate are based around it’s various ingredients to fight free radicals and minimize the effects of aging. Free radical damage is linked to more than 100 conditions ranging from heart disease and arthritis to dementia and diabetes.

Cardiovascular health benefits of dark chocolate

The protective effects of cocoa on the heart and vascular system are probably its most well-documented topic. Literally hundreds of studies have investigated the health benefits of dark chocolate and the cardiovascular system.

Brain health benefits of dark chocolate

Like the heart and blood vessels, dark chocolate can protect the brain from conditions related to high blood pressure, clots and free radical damage. Chocolate also affects the brain’s function, thereby affecting mental function, cognition and mood. One of the really good health benefits of dark chocolate!

Health benefits of dark chocolate and the effects of diabetes

Both forms of diabetes are conditions that are linked to and exacerbate other major conditions. Numerous studies indicate that dark chocolate has a very favorable effect on blood sugar levels and the symptoms of diabetes. Chocolate for diabetics!

Health benefits of dark chocolate on inflammation

A growing body of research associates chronic inflammation with a number of diseases ranging from heart disease and dementia to gastrointestinal disorders and diabetes. Fortunately, cocoa has been proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Health benefits of dark chocolate and weight control

It’s not secret that obesity is a huge and growing problem in the United States and other developed countries. Fortunately. cocoa appears to possess different properties that can reduce weight gain in the body. It may also have appetite suppressant properties, helping with a chocolate diet.

Oral health benefits of dark chocolate

There has long been a misconception that chocolate contributes to tooth cavities. While it’s probably true that low-grade, refined sugar-laden chocolate certainly can contribute to decay, research suggests that dark chocolate actually helps fight tooth decay.

Elsewhere on this site I go into more detail on each of these health benefits of dark chocolate.


To rack up on ORAC points, consider adding high antioxidant foods to your smoothies. Here are 8 antioxidant rich foods that would be great additions to your morning health drink.

Consuming high ORAC points is beneficial

Superfoods are a quick and easy to get serious ORAC points Antioxidant rich foods listand nutrients into your body. However, stepping into
the world of superfoods can be a little intimidating. In short, superfoods are great for the body and the world. They are all-natural and are teeming with nutrients that our bodies crave but do not get. And because they are organic and non-GMO, they are coming from hard working farmers who take care of their crops and the earth in sustainable ways. To help you transition into being a superfood user, here is a top antioxidant rich foods list most loved in green smoothies.

Coconut Oil

If you’re exercising for weight loss, coconut oil would be a very important ingredient for you. The fatty acids in this anti oxidant rich food fight body fat by converting into energy that boosts metabolism as opposed to saturated fats that can add body fat. Use a tablespoon of coconut oil in your green smoothie for breakfast and you will notice less of yourself in the mirror in no time at all.

Flax Seeds

Flax seed is best known for its fatty acids and fiber. When talking about omega fatty acids, it’s better to ask when they cannot do than what they can. This powder plays a part in proper immune and cardiovascular system health, joint function, brain function, soft tissues and more. The fiber found in flax is also great for many things but is especially effective in eliminating toxins from the body. Add a tablespoon of ground flaxeed or whole seeds to your smoothly for a subtle nuttle flavor with more than subtle nutrition.

Goji Berries

Perhaps one of the tastiest treats, goji berries are known for their healing strength. The nutrients in these berries are amino acids and antioxidants, but its real strength lies in their more than 20 vitamins and minerals. These nutrients have been used for years in Asian cultures to fight against viruses, strengthen eyesight, balance hormones and assist in longevity. If you are not feeling your best, sweeten things up with half a cup of these berries in your smoothie.


Superfoods aren’t always made from glamorous plants, of course. At times, they are made from algae, such as spirulina. Its taste might be sub par, but its high content of everything nutritious makes up for it. Its top 2 ingredients are omega fatty acids and protein. Spirulina is highly recommended to anyone who recently has taken on the challenge to go vegetarian. Use 1 to 2 teaspoons of spirulina on your daily smoothie.

Cacao Powder and Nibs

Cacao has two things that we love: antioxidants and chocolate flavor. The antioxidants boost your immune system that helps resist those nasty sickness and colds. Its rich and chocolate-y flavor is delicious and dessert-like that helps resist those super cravings while still satisfying your sweet tooth. Blend 2 to 4 tablespoons of cacao powder with oyur daily smoothie to enjoy its warm flavors. You can also sprinkle cacao nibs on top for a hint of goodness.


Many of us always seem have to have avocados on our counter, and they are a big part of our diet. We add them to smoothies, make guacamole, or just eat them by themselves. Avocados have almost 20 vitamins, minerals and healthy plant compounds that will boost your smoothie fast and make it extra creamy. These foods high in orac points are teeming with heart-friendly fats that will keep your skin glowing and your tummy full for longer.


This smooth superfood is popular for its mispronunciation, but is even more popular for keeping you full and fiery. These berries, which are popular in Brazil, are teeming with antioxidants that will boost the energy of your body and its ability to focus. Its fiber and protein will also keep you feeling full longer, making the acai berry a weight-fighting superhero. Its creamy consistency and almost chocolaty flavor works well with both savory and sweet flavors by adding only a tablespoon to your smoothie.

Bringing sources of antioxidants into your smoothies is all about knowing how to use them and knowing what you need in your diet. It’s important that you look for superfoods that enhance the consistency and flavor of your smoothies, and work with the mix. Also, ensure that the superfood you incorporate will give you the nutrients you are looking for. Nothing will beat finding that perfect combination of taste and nutrition that will help you eat healthy and be healthy.

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