5 Things You Need To Know About Dark Chocolate Antioxidants

Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Flavonoids, the dark chocolate antioxidants bring so many benefits to the body. But before you fill your days with loads of chocolate servings, you might want to learn some more important information about the health benefits of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate antioxidants are called flavonoids. These antioxidants have been known to provide protection to the brain, heart and vascular system, as proven by medical studies. As we are seeing more and scientific evidences involving dark chocolate and its antioxidant benefits, healthy dark chocolate have become somewhat like a celebrity food.

Trivias About Dark Chocolate

1.            Dark is sweet in more ways than one — Because of the rich and creamy taste of chocolate, it is easy for most people to forget that it actually came from a plant. Chocolate does come from the cocoa plant which contains the cell-protective phytochemicals, mostly referred to as antioxidants. Studies have shown that a typical bar of chocolate bar has about twice the amount of antioxidants compared to that to a glass of wine.

2.            Chocolate is good for the heart — The healthy chocolate comes with a good amount of heart-protective antioxidants, particularly phenols, catechins and procyanidins. In new researches, these compounds have shown to increase good cholesterol (HDL), reduce the formation of blood clots, and lower blood pressure. Plus, the phytochemicals in chocolate has shown some evidences of preventing cancer.

3.            All chocolates are not the same — Dark chocolate is a combination of cocoa butter, chocolate liquor and sugar. Milk chocolate is made with the same ingredients, but cream or milk is added to it. Many people might prefer the taste of milk chocolate to dark but it should be considered that milk decreases the amount of antioxidant activity. It is for this reason that it is recommended that you do not consume dark chocolate with milk. In fact, white chocolate is not true chocolate since it does not have chocolate liquor.

4.            Do not take too much chocolate — While dark chocolate might contain a good amount of anti-oxidants but do not forgo eating other antioxidant-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. Chocolate contains fat and sugar that is not good for you when consumed in excess. It would be wise to consume chocolate in moderation as it can increase your risk for heart disease. Opt to consume a chocolate bar with 70% or more cocoa solids.

5.            Cocoa powder and antioxidants — Eating chocolate every day is not exactly the best way to get your dose of antioxidants but there are many ways that you can add dark chocolate in your diet. Natural cocoa powders might have the most amounts of phytochemicals in cocoa products, but you can also get a good amount of antioxidants from Dutch-processed cocoa powder. Alkalinization will lead to the loss of some procyanidins to chocolate so it is best to look for other natural sources of cocoa powder if you intend to use it for baking.

Take Advantage Of Dark Chocolate Benefits

Aside from its hefty amounts of antioxidants, there are still so many dark chocolate health benefits that you can take advantage of. Just keep in mind that moderation is the key. Dark chocolate antioxidants are only found in the purest dark chocolate.





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