They are excited to announce that they are attending the Eurobean Chocolate Festival to be held in Germany from August 3rd to 5th 2018. For the very first time since they opened their chocolate retail and chocolate manufacturing doors in April 2017 they will be participating at a chocolate festival.  Their Chocolate maker Luis Armando […]

The growing number of dark chocolate studies have proven just how beneficial chocolate can be. Learn about new research studies that further prove why eating dark chocolate daily is good for you. There are many dark chocolate studies now The health benefits of dark chocolate are all the range right now, with growing numbers of […]

Peanut butter for energy has proven to be helpful for athletes. Discover how peanut butter can be a super food for athletes looking to eat well and invest in their health. Peanut butter benefits athletes In these times of protein powders, weight gain shakes and energy bars, many athletes are now forgetting about the real foods, […]

It might seem like an unlikely pairing but chocolate and blood pressure actually have a positive relationship. Learn the results of a German study that proved that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure. Chocolate and blood pressure work well Chocolate and blood pressure might seem like an unlikely combination, but a growing number of studies […]

Dark chocolate for workouts might seem like an unlike pairing, but research has shown that it can indeed help improve your workouts and fitness. Learn more about this breakthrough study. Dark chocolate for workouts is good Do you worry that fitness requires nutritional denial? Here is good news for you (with caveats, of course). Auspicious […]

Several studies have proven that quercetin has many benefits, particularly on athletic performance. New research has also shown its potential role in cancer prevention. There are many studies on quercetin Athletes are always on the lookout for ways to boost performance. They take caffeine, which has shown to enhance endurance, and catch up on sleep, […]

Dark chocolate for hair and skin has proven to give many benefits, particularly in adding vibrancy, shine and improving general health. Learn more about cocoa butter and chocolate, and how you can make the most of these benefits. Dark chocolate for hair is beneficial The cacao tree is as intriguing and beautiful as it is […]

Chocolate polyphenols offer plentiful health benefits, from preventing inflammation, promoting circulatory health and supporting the liver. Know six of the many benefits of consuming cacao polyphenols chocolate. Chocolate polyphenols has many benefits Chocolate polyphenol is a generic name for the thousands of plant-based molecules that carry antioxidant properties. The health benefits of antioxidants are widely […]

Dark chocolate nutritional information shows that this sweet treat offers so many health benefits. Learn more about the nutritional value of dark chocolate and how you can make the most of them. Dark chocolate nutrition value that is impressive If you are a chocolate lover, perhaps you are addicted to the nutritional value of dark […]