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It might seem like an unlikely pairing but chocolate and blood pressure actually have a positive relationship. Learn the results of a German study that proved that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure. Chocolate and blood pressure work well Chocolate and blood pressure might seem like an unlikely combination, but a growing number of studies […]

Dark chocolate for workouts might seem like an unlike pairing, but research has shown that it can indeed help improve your workouts and fitness. Learn more about this breakthrough study. Dark chocolate for workouts is good Do you worry that fitness requires nutritional denial? Here is good news for you (with caveats, of course). Auspicious […]

The antioxidants in dark chocolate are responsible for its many health benefits. Learn more about dark chocolate health and how it can help you improve your body and brain. Antioxidants in dark chocolate are a popular topic Looking up chocolate on the internet today gives so many results about antioxidants in dark chocolate and how […]

To rack up on ORAC points, consider adding high antioxidant food to your smoothies. Here are 8 antioxidant rich food that would be great additions to your morning health drink. Consuming high antioxidant foods are beneficial Superfoods are a quick and easy to get serious ORAC points and nutrients into your body. However, stepping into the […]

The ORAC rating refers to the antioxidant power of a food item. Eating foods on the ORAC food chart can help you prevent or slow down the process of aging, and other diseases. ORAC rating is the antioxidant power of food Do you know what an ORAC rating is? This is actually something that is […]

Foods high in antioxidants can save your body from free radical damage that can give way to the development of several diseases. Know 6 foods high in antioxidants and phytochemicals. Foods high in antioxidants prevent diseases Adding antioxidant fruits into your daily diet can be very beneficial for your health. Antioxidant are vitamins and minerals […]

The cacao fruit goes through a long and extensive process before it is made into the delicious chocolate that we all love. Learn how the cacao fruit puree is processed to become tasty chocolate. Process of making chocolate from cacao fruit A native of South and Central Americal rainforests, cacao trees are now cultivated in […]

Dark chocolate nutritional information shows that this sweet treat offers so many health benefits. Learn more about the nutritional value of dark chocolate and how you can make the most of them. Dark chocolate nutrition value that is impressive If you are a chocolate lover, perhaps you are addicted to the nutritional value of dark […]

You might not know it, but there are dark chocolate health benefits for diabetics. Here is a list of health benefits dark chocolate can offer diabetics and anyone else. There are dark chocolate health benefits for diabetics Is it true that there are health benefits to eating mouthwatering dark chocolate? Should someone with diabetes avoid the […]