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The growing number of dark chocolate studies have proven just how beneficial chocolate can be. Learn about new research studies that further prove why eating dark chocolate daily is good for you. There are many dark chocolate studies now The health benefits of dark chocolate are all the range right now, with growing numbers of […]

The health benefits of dark chocolate cannot be denied, but the reason for this remains unknown, until this recent study. Learn about the research that proved how dark chocolate antioxidants are nutrients are absorbed in the body. There are many health benefits of dark chocolate The health benefits of consuming dark chocolate has been praised […]

Is dark chocolate good for your heart? A growing number of evidences are proving that eating dark chocolate daily does not have good effect not only on your heart, but on your overall health as well. Is dark chocolate good for your heart? Evidences are now building up that products from the cacao plant are good […]

You might not know it, but there are dark chocolate benefits for expectant mothers. Learn the 7 dark chocolate benefits and how to choose the best kind to make the most of the benefits. Pregnant women get dark chocolate benefits Pregnancy is an important of the life cycle of women, and it is very precious […]

So many things have been said about chocolate, but there is always room to learn more. Know 20 interesting dark chocolate facts to let you know that this food is more than just delectable. 20 interesting dark chocolate facts A new study showed that men who crave food, they tend to crave salt and fat. And if women crave […]

There are dark chocolate benefits on cholesterol, which cannot be found on white chocolate. A study tested dark chocolate cholesterol lowering, along with the other possible positive effects it can offer. Know dark chocolate benefits on cholesterol There are people who love bittersweet dark chocolate, while there are those who prefer the sweeter and creamier […]

Know dark chocolate facts to break those age-long myths about this delectable treat, and realize that the average dark chocolate bar actually gives you more than just cure a sweet craving Know 7 interesting dark chocolate facts Whether you like a mug of hot cocoa or a gooey dark chocolate truffle, chocolate is the top […]

Dark chocolate comes from cacao, the name of the beans of the Theobromas cacao tree which grows in tropical climates around the world. Cacao was once a spicy, astringent drink for Aztec and Mayan rulers. And then the Europeans added sugar to the bitter beans which gave way to the invention of chocolate. Real chocolate, […]

According to researchers from the University of Granada in Spain, dark chocolate consumption is associated with lower central and total body fat levels among adolescents. And as if this is not good enough, these findings were independent of other factors like age, sex, physical activity levels and total energy intake. Study author Magdalena Cuenca-Garcia, PhD, […]