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Several studies have proven that quercetin has many benefits, particularly on athletic performance. New research has also shown its potential role in cancer prevention. There are many studies on quercetin Athletes are always on the lookout for ways to boost performance. They take caffeine, which has shown to enhance endurance, and catch up on sleep, […]

The healthiest type of chocolate can be the best foods to eat for your blood pressure, skin, waistline and heart. Know my top 7 picks for healthiest type of dark chocolate to guide you the next time you crave for this healthy indulgence. 7 healthiest types of dark chocolate I was never one of the […]

There are so many reported dark chocolate health benefits, and many of them are good for the brain. Know how dark chocolate antoxidants and flavanoids can make the brain healthier and work better. How dark chocolate brands help the brain The world loves chocolate and is enjoying the dark chocolate health benefits for men and women. […]

You might not know it, but there are dark chocolate benefits for expectant mothers. Learn the 7 dark chocolate benefits and how to choose the best kind to make the most of the benefits. Pregnant women get dark chocolate benefits Pregnancy is an important of the life cycle of women, and it is very precious […]

There are dark chocolate benefits on cholesterol, which cannot be found on white chocolate. A study tested dark chocolate cholesterol lowering, along with the other possible positive effects it can offer. Know dark chocolate benefits on cholesterol There are people who love bittersweet dark chocolate, while there are those who prefer the sweeter and creamier […]

There are so many reasons why you should eat dark chocolate everyday. Let’s take a look at the different reasons why eating dark chocolate daily can help you maintain and even improve your health. 7 reasons to eat dark chocolate everyday We only need a few reasons to eat chocolate. Its sweet taste and momentary mood […]

A growing number of evidences have proven the health benefits of eating chocolate. Learn five more reasons why eating chocolate once a day can save your life. Many studies on health benefits of dark chocolate Do you love chocolate? It turns out that this sweet little addiction can actually save your life. A new study […]

Dark chocolate health benefits help the heart

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits Help the Heart Recently, we have been hearing too much about dark chocolate health benefits. It seems that for the longest time that it has been available to us; researchers have just discovered that it is able to protect our cardiovascular system. And why is this so? How can something so […]


healthy dark chocolate sleeper

I love movies with healthy dark chocolate. Probably one of the most popular Woody Allen movies is Sleeper. It really is a classic sci-fi movie in which a health food store owner passes away and his family cryogenically freezes his body in suspended animation. Down the road 200 years, when they find a cure for […]