Why Chocolate Is Still Receiving Negative Publicity?

Why it is that chocolate has received a bad publicity against our health?

It is because much of the chocolate that we eat are highly treated and refined. In this process much of the nutrients of the cocoa powder are loss or damage. They contain much sugar and less of the good part of the cocoa powder. But dark chocolate cocoa powder has recently made it into the mainstream media because of its overwhelming evidence against various illnesses. Dark chocolate contains a lot more cocoa powder compared to other kinds of chocolates. But this dark chocolate undergoes a special process. It uses a cold-press method to preserve much of the dark chocolate nutrients.

Cocoa Powder In Dark Chocolate

Cocoa powder contains a lot of antioxidants compared any food. Antioxidants are generally known as phytonutrients. The purpose of it is to defend the body from free radical destruction and will facilitate prevent early aging and persistent diseases. Sadly, most of us do not consume enough antioxidants in our diet to make up for the destructive effects of free radicals. In addition, antioxidant levels in our body drop as we age.

Dozens of dark chocolate studies are performed to assess the validity of dark chocolate cocoa powder- and the outcomes are very affirming. The health benefits of eating dark chocolate in any forms be it in bars, drinks, or cookies are many. Some of the health benefits are listed below:

Many Advantages Of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is very good for heart health because of its antioxidant component. These natural compounds found in dark chocolate cocoa powder are recognized to boost nitric oxide, cut back platelet accumulation, and prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol. They will help reduce blood pressure, correct your cholesterol ratio, and increase utilization of blood sugar.
It also helps relieve inflammation in our bodies. The flavonoid compounds found in dark chocolate make use of effective anti-inflammatory effects by preventing the identical enzyme that causes inflammation.

Osteoporosis is an illness where bone mineral density decreases, that increases the chance of fractures. In the study, women who eat greater amounts of antioxidants have higher bone mineral density levels compared to women who eat smaller amounts. The study concludes that dark chocolate cocoa powder is an excellent supplement for anyone with low bone density or who has a vulnerability to fracture.

It helps facilitate in weight loss. It may raise some eyebrows but dark chocolate contains appetite suppressant properties that assist reduce your food cravings. Dark chocolate studies show that by merely eating three-quarters of an oz. of chocolate every 3 days lowers your C-reactive protein levels. This quantity of chocolate increases only about a hundred calories every 3 days to your diet.

As cited above, the benefits of chocolate are only obtainable from cold-presses, unrefined, dark varieties. Chocolates that are usually found in supermarkets, grocery stores, retail stores are highly-processed food and has zero of the benefits of dark chocolate.

Your Dark Chocolate Should Have Higher Cocoa Content

When you select a chocolate bar, choose the one with higher content of cocoa powder. If you are used to commercial chocolates, you will need to begin with a dark chocolate bar that is lower in cocoa content, and slowly change to dark chocolate cocoa powder bars with a higher content.

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