Healthy Dark Chocolate and Dental Wellness

Dentist Sees Patient Success with Healthy Chocolate

According  to Tim Driscoll, DDS, in the dental industry one of the things that causes a lot of damage to teeth is the sugar found in chocolates. When he heard about a good healthy chocolate (cold pressed dark chocolates that didn’t have the waxes, sugar, fat and milk added to the product) he was excited. He knew you were never going to stop people from eating chocolate.

Research that’s already been done on chocolate stated all of these health benefits, but the benefits were generally negated by the fact that most chocolate available to his patients had sugars, waxes, caffeine, etc. He decided that if the healthy chocolate was something that would be good for his patients, they could protect  dental work they already had invested in without having to give up the chocolate they love.

Then when he began to see that the benefits went beyond the oral health of his patients

Discovering that the healthy chocolate offered cardiovascular benefits, blood pressure benefits, and less insulin resistance. Since he took extensive medical histories on his patients and knew the medical challenges many of them were having, he started introducing the healthy chocolate to them and let then decide if it was something they’d like to replace with what they were currently eating.

The healthy chocolate has been shown to decrease cavities and gum disease. He also had one patient who reduced his cholesterol level by 21 points in eight weeks (close to a 15% decrease). Other patients expressed that their joints were feeling better. He had one patient that was younger (in his 30?s) who was experiencing higher blood pressure. He kept acclimating to the medications doctors would put him on. Three or four weeks after he got on the chocolate, his blood pressure had gone done from 159/92 down to 124/82 and his doctor started weaning him off his blood pressure medications. Dr. Driscoll also has had diabetic patients who noticed the first day they eat it that their blood sugar levels are down.


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