Methods To Melt Chocolate The Right Way?

Whether you are making cakes or merely making an attempt to make a topping for your ice cream, you will basically have to go through the job of softening chocolate. Many people do not consider softening chocolate as a critical enough task and do the same without giving it much thought.

What they do not get is that not softening chocolate in the right manner could actually affect its texture. If you want your chocolate to be smooth, silky and of the right consistency, then you need to ensure that you melt the chocolate in the right manner. Here are one or two tips that may aid you with the same.

One of the first and the most serious things to bear in mind when making an attempt to melt chocolate is the heat. You should not ever heat or melt chocolate on a high flame. Many individuals are virtually convinced to melt the chocolate quickly and heat it on a high flame. This could only take away the flavor of the chocolate. You need to melt chocolate on an absolutely low flame to be certain that it does not lose it’s taste.

Ideally, the melting point of chocolate lies between 86 degrees F and ninety degrees F. The temperature should never surpass 115 degrees F when liquefying chocolate. If the temperature is beyond 115 F, the chocolate may turn lumpy or coarse. If you are trying to melt white chocolate or milk chocolate then the temperature should be even lower.

Don’t put the whole chocolate bar at once to melt it. The best way to melt a chocolate is to first break into a pair of small pieces and only then put it to temperature. This could help simple melting of the chocolates and thus may lead to smooth and thick consistency of the softened chocolate. You either chop the chocolate down or can simply break it with help of your hands. If you are patient enough, you can go in for the best method which is grating of the chocolate.

The subsequent in line step is to stir the chocolate although it is becoming softened. Don’t make any rapid stirring movements. Also do not whip intensive the chocolate. It is vital to be very slow while stirring through the chocolate. Stirring in the right manner also significantly is reliant on the spatula that you use for stirring. In this context rubber spatula is the perfect pick.

Wooden spatulas are oftennot used for this process as they have an inclination to retain moisture which could affect the quality and flavour of the chocolate. Also, make sure that the spatula you’re using hasn’t already been used for any powerful sauces or vegetable preparations. Also, the spatula should be fully dry when you employ it.

Additionally the spatula used for stirring slipped chocolates should be utterly dry. In the final analysis don’t make the mistake of covering the pan. This can not let the vapors vaporize from the pan. As a consequence the chocolate vapors tend to condense on the lid itself. This falls into the pan again. This could considerably mar the texture of the 1st chocolate.

Keep these simple things under consideration and you will be dumbfounded to see the results.

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