Orac Rating: Antioxidants Food and How It Affect Health

The ORAC rating refers to the antioxidant power of a food item. Eating foods on the ORAC food chart can help you prevent or slow down the process of aging, and other diseases.

ORAC rating is the antioxidant power of food

Do you know what an ORAC rating is? This is actually somethingOrac rating that is good for your health. ORAC stands for
oxygen radical absorbency capacity, and refers to the antioxidant power of a certain food. Most of the time, foods that have a high ORAC rating contains more antioxidants compared to foods with lower values. Foods with high ORAC  rating help fight oxidation from free radicals, a biological process that is part of a living organism. By merely investing and eating food, running for the bus, or even just sitting upright, you are already using up energy, burning oxygen and creating free radicals. Added free radicals can lead to environmental assaults such as radiation, pollution, smoking and eating charred or toxin-laden food, among many other things.

Oxidation and the creation of free radicals are a byproduct of energy production

This happens in the mitochondria, which is the cellular version of an industrial power plant. Apart from oxygen, nitrogen is another top source of free radicals. Altogether, these experts theorize that free radicals accelerate or cause human aging, causing or promoting disease such as inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cataracts, macular degeneration and stroke, among many others.

Orac Rating: There are many experts who believe that the production of free radicals is a cause of aging

They can precipitate or promote many diseases and illnesses. If a person counters oxidative or free radical activity with a good amount of antioxidants from the ORAC rating chart, the effects of aging, along with the disease processes of high blood pressure, cancer, atherosclerosis and inflammation can be slowed, stopped and even be reversed in some cases.

Your antioxidant intake should balance the amount of free radicals that you create

Everyone of us needs antioxidants to maintain good healthy, but those who produce more free radicals compared to others require more antioxidants to counter the potentially damaging activity of free radicals. Thus, if you smoke cigarettes, eat charred or nitrate-filled foods, live in a polluted place, under ill or stress, or do high performance athletics, you have to increase your antioxidant intake by consuming foods with high ORAC rating values.

An ORAC Food rating is the method researchers use to measure the antioxidant capacity of that certain food item

Specifically, in a lab setting that uses specialty equipment, a food item is combined with a free radical generator and observed to see how it slows the degradation of a fluorescent molecule in a predetermined time period. ORAC nutrients are comparative measures, allowing the customer to determine the antioxidant capacity of a particular food portion in related to another food portion.

There are several nutrients established to get an antioxidant effect, including vitamins A, C, D, and E, beta-carotene and selenium

Co-enzyme Q10, L-carnitine, glutathione and several phenols like flavonoids, tannins and lignins are also considered as antioxidants. Many of these compounds have been the subject of extensive research and studying. Food items that contain large amounts of the antioxidant flavanoid include citrus fruits, berries, red wine, dark chocolate, tea and garlic. Therefore, it is not a surprise that these foods items come with high ORAC rating.

For to you achieve and maintain the antioxidant content in foods, you have to ensure that you do not overcook your vegetables

Boiling can destroy up to 90 percent of antioxidants. It also important that you store your food properly so they are not exposed to the air. Just like cut apples turning brown, foods that contain high amounts of antioxidants will oxidize once exposed to air. Finally, take in vitamin C-rich foods or take supplements that intervals in a day. Vitamin C is water soluble so you are unable to store it in your body for future use. Any excess vitamin C is excreted so make sure you get enough of it.l

Those who need to eat more antioxidant-rich foods are heavy drinkers, smokers and those who are living, commuting or working in polluted places, along with those exposed to exhaust flames or heavy metal. Airplane crews and health workers are exposed to higher levels of radiation from working with radiation equipment or high-altitude flying can also use antioxidants, along with high-performance athletes, especially after competition or workout. Individuals at risk for diabetes, cancer, macular degeneration, heart disease and cataract inflammatory conditions should also consume antioxidants.

Truly, the power that antioxidants hold cannot be denied, so you might want to start looking into your intake now and make the necessary dietary changes right now. Take a look at the ORAC food chart to see those that give the most amount of antioxidants. Before you supplement yourself with specific antioxidants for specific health conditions like heart problems or cancer, ensure that you first consume with a health care provider first.

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