According to researchers from the University of Granada in Spain, dark chocolate consumption is associated with lower central and total body fat levels among adolescents. And as if this is not good enough, these findings were independent of other factors like age, sex, physical activity levels and total energy intake. Study author Magdalena Cuenca-Garcia, PhD, […]


Here’s a really short post with a link to a webex presentation about chocolate antioxidants. It’s less then seven minutes long and worth checking out. The post is short and boring but the antioxidant presentation is actually very interesting! Here’s the antioxidant link: Good antioxidant information. I really like the background of some of […]


Cocoa, cocoa powder, dark chocolate and cholesterol

Cocoa is one of the nutritional elements which can be richest in polyphenols, mainly the ones from the flavonoid category, especially the flavanols category (catechins, epicatechins as well as their oligomers the procanidines), although flavonols such as quercetin along with its glucosides and antocians can be found. Recently experts have revealed that cocoa flavonoids as […]


hot chocolate

Give a boost to your brain with hot chocolate Who can use an extra brain boost every so often? As reported by scientists, a couple mugs of hot cocoa “can help boost blood circulation inside your brain by about ten per cent.” Yes, ten per cent. Pretty good! Just how can hot chocolate do that? […]

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Aging is a natural process. However, we all want to keep diseases and illness at bay. We all want to live our lives to the end, strong and healthy! “Life by chocolate, or death by chocolate? There is an increasing outflow of pro dark chocolate PR, and much of the excitement centers around antioxidants. Fruits […]