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Cocoa, cocoa powder, dark chocolate and cholesterol

Cocoa is one of the nutritional elements which can be richest in polyphenols, mainly the ones from the flavonoid category, especially the flavanols category (catechins, epicatechins as well as their oligomers the procanidines), although flavonols such as quercetin along with its glucosides and antocians can be found. Recently experts have revealed that cocoa flavonoids as […]


You may be surprised to learn that cocoa actually grows on trees – and even more surprised to learn that it is actually one of the most healthy fruits commonly eaten by man! Recent research studies  have shown a link between cocoa and cardiovascular health,  with reduced risk of blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks. Cornell […]


Few studies have proved that chocolate has health benefits. Findings have resulted in the fact that chocolate food can be actually good for the health since it includes more than 300 chemicals, where health benefits derive from. This is in contradiction to the old myth that anything that tastes good can be bad. It used […]