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The antioxidants in dark chocolate are responsible for its many health benefits. Learn more about dark chocolate health and how it can help you improve your body and brain. Antioxidants in dark chocolate are a popular topic Looking up chocolate on the internet today gives so many results about antioxidants in dark chocolate and how […]

You might not know it, but there are dark chocolate health benefits for diabetics. Here is a list of health benefits dark chocolate can offer diabetics and anyone else. There are dark chocolate health benefits for diabetics Is it true that there are health benefits to eating mouthwatering dark chocolate? Should someone with diabetes avoid the […]

Dark chocolate antioxidants has shown to offer many health benefits, and new research has shown that it helps PAD patients as well. Learn more about this dark chocolate study and its underlying implications. Dark chocolate antioxidants help PAD patients It is not news that walking has many health benefits, but a recent study found that a […]

There are so many reported dark chocolate health benefits, and many of them are good for the brain. Know how dark chocolate antoxidants and flavanoids can make the brain healthier and work better. How dark chocolate brands help the brain The world loves chocolate and is enjoying the dark chocolate health benefits for men and women. […]

Aside from satisfying a chocolate craving, dark chocolate can also provide protection to your heart. The benefits of dark chocolate are attributed to the flavanol antioxidants found in the cocoa beans. Because dark chocolate is a plant-based product, it has many of the same antioxidant characteristic as green tea and blueberries. Always consult with your […]

Dark chocolate health benefits help the heart

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits Help the Heart Recently, we have been hearing too much about dark chocolate health benefits. It seems that for the longest time that it has been available to us; researchers have just discovered that it is able to protect our cardiovascular system. And why is this so? How can something so […]


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Chocolate manufacturers are warm and fuzzy these days about ongoing research that centers around dark chocolate’s health benefits. Aside from being a respectable source of magnesium and other vitamins and minerals, chocolate (or cocoa) contains a toothsome array of plant chemicals or phytonutrients. According to a study from the School of Pharmacy (conducted on the […]


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Liver Disease Try Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate There may be health benefits of dark chocolate for patients suffering from diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver according to research reported by the European Association for the Study of Liver (EASL). This study showed that eating dark chocolate reduced damage to the blood vessels of […]