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New study has Found More Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Diabetics University of Hull and the Hull York Medical School have just reported on a study that show how dark chocolate for diabetics may help cholesterol levels. It looks like there  may be significant results for Type II diabetics. This dark chocolate for diabetics project was […]


Chocolate manufacturers are warm and fuzzy these days about ongoing research that centers around dark chocolate’s health benefits. Aside from being a respectable source of magnesium and other vitamins and minerals, chocolate (or cocoa) contains a toothsome array of plant chemicals or phytonutrients. According to a study from the School of Pharmacy (conducted on the […]


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Liver Disease Try Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate There may be health benefits of dark chocolate for patients suffering from diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver according to research reported by the European Association for the Study of Liver (EASL). This study showed that eating dark chocolate reduced damage to the blood vessels of […]


It’s a modern medicinal miracle. Health food advocates haven’t been this excited since Psyllium took the nation by storm. Cocoa is for real and it apparently does everything. A short while ago, it was said to make us smarter, and before then it could improve blood flow and maybe deter cancer. According to the latest […]

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Nurses Mary B. Engler and Marguerite M. Engler from University of California at San Francisco did a study on the cardiovascular benefits of dark chocolate. Their study showed a connection between healthy dark chocolate rich in flavonoids — antioxidant plant compounds — and improved blood flow. The two became famous with many people inquiring if […]


Science Daily reports on a study on a compound found in cocoa called epicatechin’s that are found to be so strikingly healthy that a professor at Harvard Medical school said that it should be considered a vitamin. The Doctor spent years studying the benefits of cocoa drinking on the Kuna people in Panama. He found […]

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