eating chocolate

Mouth Watering Benefits of Eating Chocolate Chocolate is a mouthwatering treat that is basically made from the seed of a tropical cacao tree. A lot of people crave this sweetpleasure. However, most people tend to deprive themselves of chocolate thinking that it would just add up to their waistline and weight. Better think again! Chocolates […]


The Guiltless Chocoholic

Chocoholic or not? You’re not the only chocoholic. From the fifteenth century to the modern day, the rich and famous have expounded the virtues of the cocoa bean. (Rich and famous dudes in history have said being a chocoholic ain’t all bad, because chocolate was good. The Guiltless Chocoholic Now there is a way to […]


The health benefits of dark chocolate have been known for years. Up until at least the mid 1800?s doctors carried chocolate in their medical bags. They prescribed it for a variety of health issues. From the 16th through early 19th century, numerous European travel accounts and medical texts documented the presumed merits and medicinal value […]