Plants produce thousands of substances called phytochemicals, and the flavanol antioxidants dark chocolate are just one of these phytochemicals. Flavonols have the advantage of being better researched than the other phytochemicals. Just like most of the phytochemicals, flavonols are active antioxidants that may protect your health with their ability to fight inflammation as well as […]

Chocolate Fights Cancer

How Chocolate Fights Cancer “The great news is that in addition to being decadent and delicious, moderate amounts of dark chocolate may play a role in cancer prevention,” said Sally Scroggs, MS, RD, LD, health education manager at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Cancer Prevention Center. New studies reveals that dark chocolate’s […]


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How can high flavonol dark chocolate help your skin? There are different types of skin problems. From skin cancers, to rough, dry, scaly skin, moles skin growths etc. A recent study from German researchers investigating the possible benefits of cocoa flavonols on the skin involved two groups of women. One group was given low flavanol […]

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