Twenty Reasons Chocolate is Better than Sex #06 You can have chocolate even in front of your mother.


You can make chocolate last as long as you want it to (which is mostly not that long). I am usually a scarfer when it comes to chocolate. Nice thing about the healthy dark chocolate is that it is very satisfying, especially in taste. So I end up not eating too much, it feels rich […]


Here’s one of the dark chocolate images I’ve pinned on my dark chocolate Pinterest board. Come see more of them.


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Around three in a thousand US kids under age 18 have diabetes, and heavy children and teens have got the most disappointing probabilities, note Joyce Lee, MD, and colleagues in Diabetes Care. “Among school-aged children, obese children have a greater than twofold chance of having diabetes, compared to children of normal weight,”–Joyce Lee, MD Type […]


Healthy Chocolate Secret Most people love chocolate. We love its flavor, its aroma, its texture. In fact, we love it so much that over a billion people eat chocolate every day. Surprisingly, however, many of us don’t realize that at the heart of chocolate is a little bean called cacao. Cacao comes from a tree […]


Here’s what studies have shown high flavanoid dark chocolate (cocoa or cacao) can do for some people: May help balance good and bad cholesterol. Contributes to weight loss. Obesity is a contributor to high blood pressure March issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that blood sugar metabolism was significantly improved, as evidenced […]


The Guiltless Chocoholic

Chocoholic or not? You’re not the only chocoholic. From the fifteenth century to the modern day, the rich and famous have expounded the virtues of the cocoa bean. (Rich and famous dudes in history have said being a chocoholic ain’t all bad, because chocolate was good. The Guiltless Chocoholic Now there is a way to […]


The health benefits of dark chocolate have been known for years. Up until at least the mid 1800?s doctors carried chocolate in their medical bags. They prescribed it for a variety of health issues. From the 16th through early 19th century, numerous European travel accounts and medical texts documented the presumed merits and medicinal value […]