Dark Chocolate Studies – Changing The Negative Perception Dark chocolate studies have confirmed that chocolate has many health benefits. Many believed that when we say “chocolate” what immediately comes to mind is fattening food. Chocolate is always seen as a fattening product that most dieters want to avoid. Although, it is a high calorie food […]

Benefits Of Dark Chocolate Flavonoids, the dark chocolate antioxidants bring so many benefits to the body. But before you fill your days with loads of chocolate servings, you might want to learn some more important information about the health benefits of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate antioxidants are called flavonoids. These antioxidants have been known to […]


The Role Of Antioxidants In Our Bodies Chocolate and vegetables might appear to come from completely different world but they have one thing in common – antioxidants. Dark chocolate is loaded with flavonoids, a kind of antioxidant that has shown to offer protection to the brain, heart and vascular system. As many more studies investigate […]


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