Very best 10 Scientific Reasons why Chocolate is the Planet’s Most Perfect Food

Chocolate Doctor's Scientific Reasons why Chocolate is the Planet's Most Perfect Food

So here is the Top Ten Scientific Reasons exactly why Chocolate is the Planet’s Most Perfect Food

10. Chocolate contains Reservatrol (the identical health benefiting chemical substance observed in Red Wine and also in peanuts or hops.) In Nutrition Assessments, resveratrol, an antioxidant, was demonstrated to strengthen insulin sensitivity, blood cholesterol levels and have neuroprotective actions. Further more, studies in rodents indicate that eating plans high in resveratrol were linked with increased longevity. The more dark and less heat processed the chocolate, the more Reservatrol.

Consumption of dark chocolate activates the release of endorphins, the human body’s endogenous opiates. Enhanced endorphin-release lowers the chocolate-eater’s level of sensitivity to discomfort. Endorphins most likely bring about the warm internal glow brought on in susceptible chocoholics. Chocolate is the planet’s most perfect food for all of us, not just chocoholics.

The health benefits of epicatechin, a substance identified in cocoa, are so striking that it may compete with penicillin and anaesthesia in terms of importance to public health, reports Marina Murphy in Chemistry & Industry, the magazine of the SCI. Natural cacao has high levels of epicatechin. Norman Hollenberg, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, told C&I that epicatechin is so important that it should be considered a vitamin. The risk of 4 of the 5 most common killer diseases: stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes, is lowered.

Really! Chocolate is the planet’s most perfect food.

9. Chocolate contains tryptophan, a chemical in the brain that is utilised to make the neurotransmitter, serotonin. High levels of serotonin stimulate the release of endorphins, and create feelings of elation. Serotonin is available in the antidepressant Prozac, and the designer drug “ecstasy” generates its effects by raising serotonin levels in the brain. So… antidepressants, illegal drugs, or a Hershey’s bar. You choose.

8. Chocolate also includes a chemical called phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine or PEA is known as the “love-chemical” or as “chocolate amphetamine“. Phenylethylamine is itself a naturally occurring trace amine in the brain. It may help mediate feelings of attraction, excitement, giddiness, apprehension and euphoria. High amounts of this particular neurotransmitter help promote feelings of attraction, excitement, and giddiness. Phenylethylamine works by rousing the brain’s pleasure centers, delivering dopamine in the mesolimbic pleasure-centres and attaining peak levels all through orgasm. Guys, THIS is why you should always give a girl chocolates on a first date. Can’t hurt, right?

7. Chocolate might help fight cardiovascular disease. Chocolate contains chemicals called flavonoids, which thin the blood, helping to prevent clotting.

6. Cocoa or dark chocolate may help battle cavities and may be far more effective than flouride. Now if only you could locate a chocolate without the unhealthy fats and sugars and calories.

5. A chocolate craving through pregnancy may indicate moderate anemia. Refer to it as an early warning system. Chocolate has iron, and this might be the pregnant body’s method of signaling that iron levels are decreased. So consume that chocolate bar! It’s for the good of the baby.

4. Chocolate contains magnesium, which is known to relieve symptoms of PMS. Calcium does too, which needless to say can be observed in milk. So, if your girlfriend, or spouse is having a bad time of it, provide her a piece of chocolate and a big glass of milk. Not only will she think you’re a sweetheart, but maybe her mood will improve enough that she’ll relinquish the remote and let you turn off Lifetime and watch the game.

3. Chocolate is a psychoactive super food. Eating chocolate will cause the brain to generate natural opiates (particularly, anandamide, an endogenous cannabinoid found in the brain), which dull pain and increase a sensation of well-being. Opioids are chemical substances, such as those identified in opium, that produce a feeling of euphoria. Chocolate could also include substances that copy cannabinoids (substances that act like cannabis, also known as marijuana) Yay!

2. Chocolate may help people live for a longer time. In a Harvard University research carried out in 1999, experts monitored 8,000 males and found those who ate chocolate lived nearly a year longer than those who didn’t. Although scientists do not know why the men lived longer, they speculate it has to do with the antioxidants found in chocolate. Or it might be that it’s simply because these same men had sufficient chocolate around their home that they had no shortage of women ready to come around and cook them healthy meals and clean up their bathroom every now and again. Obviously, that is simply a theory.

And the Top Scientific Reason that Chocolate is the Planet’s Most Perfect Food …

1. Cocoa butter melts at 97°F. That’s right, just below body temperature. So it really does melt in your mouth. That also means if a person put a chocolate nugget on your sweetie’s tummy, it will little by little dissolve into a little pool of chocolate. Uh oh… you’d better thoroughly clean that up. And you never know where things should go from there… Isn’t that the best reason why chocolate is the planet’s most perfect food?

There you have it, next time you’re looking for a reason you now have the top ten scientific reasons that chocolate is the planet’s most perfect food.


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Brian October 12, 2010 at 2:12 am

I knew chocolate was good but that this much. I wish all chocolate manufactures were use the right ingredients.

polinate October 27, 2010 at 10:44 pm

Me too. There are some great chocolates that I wish were healthy, but I know they’re not good for me.

Judith Cox December 12, 2011 at 1:19 pm

Great post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

Nicholas White January 28, 2012 at 11:29 am

Very neat article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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