Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Mouth Watering Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Chocolate is a mouthwatering treat that is basically made from the seed of a tropical cacao tree. A lot of people crave this sweetpleasure. However, most people tend to deprive themselves of chocolate thinking that it would just add up to their waistline and weight.

Better think again! Chocolates have a lot of benefits in store for you. Dietitians, researchers and nutritionist can prove it. Here are 3 essential benefits of eating chocolate for you to start munching on those scrumptious sweets…

Mental attentiveness and antidepressant is one of the benefits of eating chocolate

Research has shown that chocolate contains theobromine, a component that is rich in caffeine and anandamide. These properties tend to induce mental alertness and aids in increasing our moods. So, is a good mood one of the benefits of eating chocolate?

Depleted serotonin levels can lead to depression and suicide. In addition, a person who has low dopamine quantities tends to feel apathetic and sad. On the contrary, when a person has increased levels of these chemical properties in his brain, one would feel a blast of euphoria and good mood.

Antidepressant properties were confirmed by researchers when they revealed that both serotonin and dopamine levels increased after munching on dark chocolate bars.

Carbohydrates and theobromine are substances that stimulate the nervous system of our brain. Furthermore, these chemical mediators provide us with extra energy to utilize in our activities. Research has also demonstrated that chomping on chocolates could help in stimulating women with low libidos.

The benefits of eating chocolate include getting Antioxidants

Free radicals are one of the culprits in developing certain diseases like infections, cancer, heart disease and more. Antioxidants protect our body by binding to harmful free radicals, alleviating them, repairing the injury and preventing further harm from occurring.

Consuming delightful dishes that are rich in antioxidants not only prevent you from getting sick but they also provide you with a healthy body and a youthful vivacity.

The recommended daily intake is a minimum of 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units of antioxidants per day. Raw, unprocessed cocoa is known tobe the richest antioxidant containing food in the entire universe. That is the reason why chocolates are considered to be one of the most delicious and nutritious sources of antioxidants. Another one of the many benefits of eating chocolate.

Cardiovascular advantages are one of the important benefits of eating chocolate

Chocolates can aid in reducing cardiovascular damage by increasing the production of good cholesterol (HDL). This vital enzyme frees the blood vessels from fats.

Moreover, flavonoids found in cocoa can assist in reducing clots from forming. Clots are the major reasons in acquiring a number of heart diseases. Flavonoids permit stronger blood flow to the heart, thus, increasing the pumping mechanism of the heart. This mechanism aids in maintaining a healthy heart.

Now you don’t have to worry about feeling all guilty about eating your favorite indulgence. Chocolate bars tend to bring more benefits than harm. What are you waiting for? Start munching on those luscious treats!

Guest article on the benefits of eating chocolate by Paula Denila from Chocolate University


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