Chocolate and Heart Failure

Heart Failure and Dark Chocolate

Good news, especially for women (although this may end up applying to men, too), dark chocolate helps your heart.

We kind of knew this already. Dark chocolate has been shown in study after study to be good for cardiovascular health. Now a huge new study in Sweden is showing that women have less heart failure if they regularly ate dark chocolate high in flavonoids.  This study (reported  in Circulation: Heart Failure. 2010 – Journal of the American Heart Association August 16th, 2010) of  over 30,000 Swedish women over a period of nine years found that these 48-83 year old women had a lower rate of heart failure if they regularly ate dark chocolate.

That chocolate helps prevent heart failure is no surprise for readers of this blog.

Chocolate is healthy once again. Less death, less hospitalization, less heart failure by eating a healthy dark chocolate on a regular basis. This joins the multitude of other studies that show the same results. What’s most interesting about this study is the number of women followed and that none of them started with a baseline of diabetes, a history of HF or myocardial infractions.

Again, it is theorized that the high antioxidants in dark chocolate, especially flavonols, may be helping with less heart failure.


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