Dark chocolate and your skin

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How can high flavonol dark chocolate help your skin?
There are different types of skin problems. From skin cancers, to rough, dry, scaly skin, moles skin growths etc.

A recent study from German researchers investigating the possible benefits of cocoa flavonols on the skin involved two groups of women. One group was given low flavanol and the other high flavanol cocoa. The researchers examined skin sensitivity to UV irradiation, skin structure and textures, skin blood flow and hydration. Basically, most of the stuff we want to know about keeping our skin healthy (and healthy looking.)

The findings were very impressive, indicating that the women who consumed the high flavonol cocoa showed significant improvements in skin quality. Blood flow in the skin was improved. Skin texture, thickness, hydration and lack of redness was all improved.

Researchers also found that skin cell DNA was protected through cell-signaling mechanisms brought on by the presence of flavanols. In the end, the researchers concluded that regular consumption of cocoa high in flavonoids would likely support the threat of UV light.

Another study published in the 2006 Euorpean Journal of Nutrition found that consuming even a single serving of flavanol rich cocoa acutely increased blood flow and oxygen saturation in the derma layer of the skin. (That’s good!) In fact they found that oxygen saturation was nearly doubled after even a single dose of high antioxidant dark cocoa.

A high antioxidant dark cocoa protein meal replacement, used in clinical trials as a weight loss system, has been having participants reporting that their skin is noticeably better. No surprise, I suppose, knowing that the flavonols are so high in that high antioxidant shake. Adding a cold pressed high antioxidant dark chocolate food to your diet may be one of the tastiest ways to achieve beauty from within and help you look and feel younger. Now, ongoing research is strongly suggesting that cocoa and its principal ingredients provide a cosmetic solution for signs of aging and a potent protection against more serious skin problems (maybe even skin cancer.)


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