Dark Chocolate Antioxidants is for Better Heart Health

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Dark chocolate antioxidants have many benefits

Just like most people, you probably love dark chocolate but avoid them to stay healthy and fit. But with recent research, Dark chocolate antioxidantsyou might not have to feel guilty about indulging in it anymore. Yes, this sounds too good to be true, but evidence shows that it can decrease your risk for heart disease, and many others. Growing evidence is building that products made from the cacao plant, especially dark chocolate, are good for the heart. But how is dark chocolate good for the heart? What exactly are the benefits of dark chocolate for men and women? According to medical studies, people who consume dark chocolate have a healthy cardiovascular systems, promoting better blood circulation and lowered cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Experts recommend that you incorporate dark chocolate in your strategy of keeping the top killer disease at bay. Dark chocolate has to be included in a life plan with exercise, eating largely plant-based healthy foods, getting enough rest and sleep, weight maintenance and reducing stress.

Chocolate and Cardiovascular Health

By adding a small amount of dark chocolate to your diet, particularly dark chocolate, you can be heart-healthy. Dark chocolate has a good amount of calories, fat and sugar, so you have to consume it moderately to avoid potential problems with weight gain, high blood pressure and diabetes. Dark chocolate with at least 65 percent cocoa content is a good choice. With an intake of three ounces a day, you should rack up about 450 calories. Keep in mind that you will have to step up your exercise routine so you can keep the added calories under control. Studies have shown that eating a square of dark chocolate every day can lower blood pressure and reduce heart attached and stroke risk by up to 40 percent. Dark Chocolate decreases bad cholesterol levels in your body, promoting flexibility in the arteries and veins.

Why Should I Consume Dark Chocolate?

Dark chocolate mostly contains at least 60 percent cocoa solids with little to no added sugar. You can find this in baking dark chocolate, dark chocolate candy and bars. Plant-produced chemicals called flavonoids are found in cocoa beans, the main ingredient of dark chocolate. You should also find them in wines, onions, apples, and other fruits and vegetables. In a number of studies, flavonoids have shown to reduce cell damage associated with heart disease. Because dark chocolate has a higher concentration of cocoa, it also has more flavonoids that increase its health benefits. There really are not much other foods that contain a high amount of flavonoids. Even when plant-based flavonoids are found in some food sources, cocoa beans have very high amounts. For example, a dark chocolate candy bar has five times more flavanoids than apple.

Milk Chocolate versus Dark Chocolate

For you to get the most of the antioxidant benefits that flavonoids has to offer, consume dark chocolate. Milk binds with the flavonoids in dark chocolate so they become ineffective, making milk chocolate offer less health benefits. If you opt with a milk chocolate candy bar, you will get more calories and sugar than the beneficial flavonoids. In the same way, when you drink milk with a bar of dark chocolate, there is a big chance that you will lose all the antioxidant benefits that you can get from it. Pure white chocolate contains no cocoa solids, so it has no flavanoids.

More Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate Antioxidants

Aside from making the heart a little healthier than before, there are still many other health benefits of eating dark chocolate. First, it boosts your immune system. The flavonoids found in dark chocolate can act as antioxidants, fighting inflammation, infection and disease. It has also shown to elevate mood. Studies prove that dark chocolate stimulates endorphin production in the brain that elevated mood by producing a sense of pleasure, well-being and happiness. Another benefit of dark chocolate is it promotes weight loss. Dark chocolate reduces your cravings for salty, fatty and sweet foods. It also contains fats, but two-thirds of these fats are considered healthy fats. For your skin, the antioxidants in dark chocolate protect the body from premature aging by promoting collagen production of collagen for healthier and clear skin. Dark chocolate antioxidants is a big help for diabetics. Flavonoids can help control insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity.

Now you know the things that dark chocolate can do for you. To make the most of the health benefits of dark chocolate, just make sure that you consume the right kind in the right amount. But even if dark chocolate proves to be a delicious way to increase your heart health, a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are still your best weapons when it comes to fighting the dreaded heart diseases. If you have been diagnosed with any kind of heart problem, talk to your doctor about healthy exercises, food and vitamins. Your choices will certainly impact your long-term benefits for a healthier heart.

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