Dark Chocolate for Hair: Treat for Your Tresses

Dark chocolate for hair and skin has proven to give many benefits, particularly in adding vibrancy, shine and improving general health. Learn more about cocoa butter and chocolate, and how you can make the most of these benefits.

Dark chocolate for hair is beneficial

The cacao tree is as intriguing and beautiful as it is useful. A top economic botanical plant, the pods of theobroma cacao yields cocoa butter, cocoa powder and the well-loved confection dark chocolate. Savoring the many health benefits of cacao is a nourishing treat for the hair and skin adding vibrancy, shine and improved general health. By using dark chocolate and cocoa butter products on the hair and skin, you can enjoy the delightful chocolaty aroma and get the benefits of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins,Dark chocolate for hair all the while skipping the fear and guilt of eating it from time to time.

The theobroma cacao tree grows in the tropical rainforets of Africa and Central America. A remarkable sight, the tree has a dark brown bark that resembles the color of chocolate with flowers directly grow from the trunk and branches of the tree. These delicate blossoms create a sharp visual contrast against its deep and rough bark. The tree emits a subtle scent, and not the rich chocolate aroma you might expect. The part of the tree used in most natural beauty products is also edible, derived from the processed beans. Read on as we examine cocoa butter and its benefits for the hair and skin.

Cocoa butter is made from hydraulic pressings of the cocoa mass or cocoa nib from cocoa beans, which are then further refined through centrifuge and filtering. The scent of cocoa butter is removed using vacuum or steam. Some herbalists massage therapists and aromatherapists opt for the scentless substance called deodorized cocoa butter. Cocoa butter has been traditionally used as a skin softener, belly run, Smollett and soothing substance for burns. The oil is a very attractive ingredient in herbal cosmetics, and its particularly useful as a super fattening agent in soap.

Black Cocoa Butter

Black cocoa butter is one of the many obsessions of beauty today. Many of you might already be familiar with the eggshell-colored cocoa butter that has been widely available for some time now. Many of the ordinary cocoa butter that comes from Africa is processed before the seeds are left to germinate. With black cocoa butter, the cacao pods are germinated first, which then produces a deep, espresso-colored butter that has a smell similar to roasted cocoa. As a body butter, it lives up to its botanical name ‘Theobroma cacao’ which literally translates to ‘food of the gods.’


The chocolate itself is a newer arrival onto the skin and hair care scene. It is derived from the same parts of the cacao tree, but is processed with other ingredients like milk, which is also beneficial for the skin and hair. This cocoa pod derivative has flavonoids called catechins, which are very effective antioxidants. Dark chocolate, which hardly contains any chocolate, is preferred for health benefits taken internally or applied externally in a hair car formula or spa treatment. It contains 35 percent more of the brown paste of ground cocoa beans than other chocolate, so it is a concentrated formula. Lactose acid in milk has been shown to help deter wrinkles and smooth and refine skin. For hair, lactose acts as huntsmen to help curly tops retain moisture. This chocolate protein is boosted by milk, making it good for natural hair.

Dark Chocolate for Hair: Antioxidant Benefits

Most of you should already be familiar with the health benefits of green tea, and you might have noticed that it has been showing up in a growing number of skin and hair care products. However, you might not be familiar with the fact that cocoa has more flavanols, so you are getting a big antioxidant boost from cacao-imbued products. In fact, chocolate might well be the best available source of flavonoid to use as a dietary ingredient, so just think about all the benefits that it can give your skin and hair.

There is a wide range of botanical-based beauty products that contain cocoa butter and chocolate that are available in salons, spas and shops. To make the most of the benefits of dark chocolate for hair, only buy products from reputable manufacturers. Search for reliable sellers and products online. As much as possible, opt for organic chocolate, cocoa butter and cacao health and beauty products, which should contain the most natural and less-processed ingredients.

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