Dark Chocolate Weight Loss

Dark Chocolate Weight Loss Secret

It’s no secret that weight loss is the top health concern among Northern Americans.  Who doesn’t want to lose weight? We spend literally tens of millions of dollars every year on the latest diets, exercise gadgets and pills. The sobering truth is that despite the plethora of information and supposed breakthrough weight loss programs, we are simply becoming fatter and fatter.

But the news isn’t all bad. Over the last several years, scientists have discovered that one food, long thought of as “junk food”, can actually  contribute to Healthy and Lasting weight loss.

So what food is it?

Chocolate! That’s right, don’t laugh: Dark Chocolate Weight Loss.

Of course, not any old chocolate will do the trick (In fact, the more common forms of “candy” chocolate are contributors to the obesity epidemic.)

But findings from numerous studies show that raw, un-alakalized chocolate, that is cold pressed, high in nutritional cocoa nutrients, and devoid of any processed sugars, hydrogenated oils and other artificial ingredients, can provide the body with a powerful weight control tool. Also, because dark chocolate is high in antioxidants, they are discovering that it may be easier to lose weight and keep it off because of the antioxidants. The book called the O2 Diet may be a good place to start for a look at high antioxidant protein diet information. There’s a bunch of good information about dark chocolate weight loss in there.


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