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Good News! Research is showing that healthy dark chocolate is not only good for you but may help with food cravings.

Researchers found that after eating dark chocolate (as compared with milk chocolate) subjects ate 15% less of foods such as pizza. We’ve been saying for some time that you should try to eat the healthy dark chocolate several times a day and always before a meal. Now, granted, we’ve been saying that because we believe life is short,  so eat your dessert first.

But now research is published that is showing that if you are trying to curb your appetite, dark chocolate may help. Subjects (not mice) found that they ate less and felt more satisfied when they had a bit of dark chocolate before they ate. In fact, over the next several hours they were less inclined to overeat AND they felt less inclined to want to eat sweet, salty or fatty foods.

The best dark chocolate seems to be high in cocoa content and low in refined sugars. We say get cold processed dark chocolate for weight loss and be sure the dark chocolate has low glycemic sweeteners (such as raw cane juice crystals or agave) and low impact fats. Luckily there is dark chocolate available that has all that.

So for weight loss, one more published healthy dark chocolate study (this time from the University of Copenhagen) that  shows the health benefits of dark chocolate antioxidants.

Using chocolate that has been cold processed will be key to finding the right dark chocolate with antioxidants. Xocai dark chocolate is cold pressed and has high flavanols.

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