Heart-Healthy Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolate Antioxidant

Aside from satisfying a chocolate craving, dark chocolate can also provide protection to your heart. The benefits of dark chocolate are attributed to the flavanol antioxidants found in the cocoa beans. Because dark chocolate is a plant-based product, it has many of the same antioxidant characteristic as green tea and blueberries. Always consult with your medical professional when you have health concerns about your health.

Dark Chocolate Protects Your Heart

Cacao trees produce fruit-like pods that contain the cocoa beans. They are collected, fermented and roasted todark chocolate antioxidant develop a rich flavor. The beans are ground into a low-fat cocoa powder that is referred to as cocoa solids. The benefits of healthy chocolate are derived from the cocoa solids, which are very high the antioxidant polyphenols. Not all chocolates contain the same amount of cocoa solids; dark chocolate as more cocoa solids than milk chocolate. For the most benefits, look for a high percentage of cocoa solids, from 35% to 85%.

Dark Chocolate And Cholesterol

Your body needs some cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (or LDL) cholesterol is bed because it can cause plaque and heart disease when too much of it accumulate in your arteries. High-density lipoprotein (or HDL), on the other hand, is good cholesterol that circulates in your blood, scavenging the excess LDL and removing it with the help of your liver.

Dark chocolate increase the good HDL levels and lowers the bad LDL levels. Research has shown that a mere 75 grams daily dose of dark chocolate can increase good HDL cholesterol by 11% to 13% and reduce bad LDL cholesterol 12%. Recent studies have also found similar results. Fifty grams of dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids reduced LDL cholesterol levels and increased HDL levels after 15 days.

Healthy chocolate might have proven to have a positive effect on blood pressure, with research reporting lower blood pressures and consequently a 51% lower risk of cardiovascular disease in subjects who ate flavanol-rich chocolate. A small amount of dark chocolate may be a nutritious addition to your diet; but exercise, along with a diet of fruits and vegetables will complement that healthy lifestyle. High blood pressure can increase your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Dark chocolate that contains at least 30% cocoa solids was found to benefit heart attack patients. Non-diabetic patients who ate chocolate were found to less like have a second fatal heart attack. There might have been some significant evidence of a positive outcome when participants ate chocolate, but moderation is highly recommended. Healthy chocolate contains calories, sugar and saturated fat. A typical 1.45-ounce of dark chocolate with 60% to 69% cocoa solids has 9 grams of saturated fat, 15 grams of sugar and 238 calories. It is recommended to eat 1 ounce of dark chocolate with at least 60% cocoa solids per day.

Dark Chocolate Should Be Consume In Moderation

If you are looking to reap the heart healthy benefits that dark chocolate has to offer, make sure that you consume the right kind, preferably those that contain a high percentage of cocoa solids. Also, most importantly, keep your servings in moderation. When consumed excessively, it might have opposite effects your body.

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