High Blood Pressure and Lowering Blood Pressure with Dark Chocolate

High Blood Pressure and Dark Chocolate

High blood pressure is no joke.

It is called the silent killer and it is expensive in many ways, some you may not even have thought about, yet. Some of the main problems that can happen when you have high blood pressure, (if you ignore the symptoms and don’t take steps towards lowering blood pressure), include heart disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, peripheral artery disease, and aortic aneurysms.

Death. Disability. Stroke. All because of high blood pressure.

And if you live, you may be needing to have someone look after you, because you won’t be able to do it yourself.

The scary part is you’ll know.

You’ll be fully aware of the fact that you are helpless without someone else. And you’ll know that you could have prevented it with some easy to take steps to lower your high blood pressure.

High blood pressure symptoms

What makes high blood pressure even worse is that in the beginning it may cause no symptoms, but still can cause long term complications.

High blood pressure is not cheap

It’s Expensive. We all know that medical expenses are going up, especially for cardiac care. You may think “I have insurance” and you hope it will cover everything (at least while you still have a job.)

And insurance may cover some of the direct costs. But what about your other expenses? What kind of rates can you get for life insurance if you have high blood pressure? Are you going to get the special preferred rates? And with medical data freely shared with insurance companies, you have to tell them you’re on high blood pressure medication. They will test you and find out anyway.

So what can you do when you know you have high blood pressure?

Well, other than the (ordinary/usual) things like taking drugs, losing weight, avoiding salt, moderating your alcohol, not taking birth control pills, exercising and things like that, now there is evidence that you may be able to lower your blood pressure with dark chocolate.

Here’s the high blood pressure secret:

We’re NOT talking about your everyday traditional kinds of chocolate that you buy in the supermarket. Studies are showing that high flavanol content dark chocolate, that contains fiber, is cold-processed, has high epicatechin levels, with high ORAC values may help with lowering high blood pressure naturally..

Although there are many studies out there about this, DO NOT USE this instead of medicine. Only try this with your doctor’s approval. Chocolate is NOT a medicine. It is food.

Be really careful here. All chocolate is not made the same. A cold-processed dark chocolate will have a higher flavanol content and will have less of the unwanted parts of your traditional chocolate candy. You want a chocolate that is cold-processed and does not contain any waxes, fillers, caffeine. There is a company that has this and at an affordable price.

This may not work for you.

You’re asking yourself why would they write that when they’re obviously trying to sell me on something? Every person is different. We’ve seen and heard stories of how this works for many people, we’ve seen the University studies, but it really may not work for you and your body.

But what if it does?

Would it be worth it to you? If you tried this healthy dark chocolate and when you went back to your doctor and your blood pressure was normal again, how much effort would that be worth? Are you ready to try this for 60 days to see if it works for you?

If you have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor and see if this works for you. Isn’t it worth the chance? Try it for a couple of months and see if your high blood pressure gets lowered.


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