Nurses Study Dark Chocolate

Nurses Mary B. Engler and Marguerite M. Engler from University of California at San Francisco did a study on the cardiovascular benefits of dark chocolate. Their study showed a connection between healthy dark chocolate rich in flavonoids — antioxidant plant compounds — and improved blood flow. The two became famous with many people inquiring if they could eat healthy dark chocolate everyday. Nutritionists wondered if they could recommend a healthy dark chocolate for dessert after a meal.

The nurses found that healthy dark chocolate contained considerably more flavonoids and was a more powerful antioxidant than any other food or beverage, including berries, spinach, Brussels sprouts, red wine, or tea. From Mary, “flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables come from plants and so does chocolate, derived from the cocoa bean. Until recently, most chocolate was processed in a way that destroyed from 25% to 50% of its flavonoids. Now some companies are changing the way they process chocolate to preserve as much as 70% to 95% of the flavonoids. Chocolate with 70% or more cocoa content will be high in flavonoids”. This study showed improved heart health over the longest period of time.

Mary says, “for now, there’s little doubt that in moderation and in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and exercise, we can enjoy — and even benefit from — moderate amounts of high-flavonoid dark chocolate.” This squelches any doubts for me that healthy dark chocolates from Xocai should be part of our daily diet.


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