Semen Quality and Chocolate Antioxidants

Antioxidants from chocolate and fertility

I know it hasn’t been a topic in my house at the dinner table, but among some researchers the relationship between the antioxidants in a man’s  diet and his semen quality has been a discussion point. (I can’t imagine their dinners!)

Well Spanish researchers have confirmed that antioxidants (such as that found in cold pressed dark cocoa as well as other fruits and vegetables) which can delay and prevent oxidation of other molecules play a key role in semen quality. Sperm quality and fertility  has declined over recent decades. Poor diets, stress, exposure to pollutants, etc (all things that cause free radicals) have been theorized to be the culprits. This four year study is showing that perhaps high antioxidant cold pressed dark chocolate and other high antioxidant foods may help in male fertility problems.

Chocolate has lots of antioxidants

Eating tasty healthy chocolate certainly would be a fun way to check it out for yourself. Considering that chocolate is also thought to be the “love drug” it may be a good combination.

Researchers said “A healthy diet is not only a good way of avoiding illness, but could also have an impact on improving seminal quality.”

Researchers are planning at studying this further and also are looking at the role that antioxidants may play in future reproductive capacity, emphasis has been placed in recent years on the significance of babies being exposed to toxins and pollutants (pesticides, xenoestrogens, etc) while in the womb.


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