chocolate weight loss

Although dark chocolate has been much aligned — whether as a cause for cavities or a reason for acne — there is good news for chocolate lovers. Recent research has shown that certain types of chocolate might be good for you, when you eat in moderation. Derived from beans that grow in pods, chocolate was […]

Aside from satisfying a chocolate craving, dark chocolate can also provide protection to your heart. The benefits of dark chocolate are attributed to the flavanol antioxidants found in the cocoa beans. Because dark chocolate is a plant-based product, it has many of the same antioxidant characteristic as green tea and blueberries. Always consult with your […]

Dark chocolate comes from cacao, the name of the beans of the Theobromas cacao tree which grows in tropical climates around the world. Cacao was once a spicy, astringent drink for Aztec and Mayan rulers. And then the Europeans added sugar to the bitter beans which gave way to the invention of chocolate. Real chocolate, […] For dark chocolate diet information, news, weight loss with chocolate & how to lose weight with chocolate For more dark chocolate diet information, weight loss with chocolate and how to lose weight with chocolate

Dark Chocolate Weight Loss Secret It’s no secret that weight loss is the top health concern among Northern Americans.  Who doesn’t want to lose weight? We spend literally tens of millions of dollars every year on the latest diets, exercise gadgets and pills. The sobering truth is that despite the plethora of information and supposed […]