Dark chocolate comes from cacao, the name of the beans of the Theobromas cacao tree which grows in tropical climates around the world. Cacao was once a spicy, astringent drink for Aztec and Mayan rulers. And then the Europeans added sugar to the bitter beans which gave way to the invention of chocolate. Real chocolate, […]

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Cocoa is one of the nutritional elements which can be richest in polyphenols, mainly the ones from the flavonoid category, especially the flavanols category (catechins, epicatechins as well as their oligomers the procanidines), although flavonols such as quercetin along with its glucosides and antocians can be found. Recently experts have revealed that cocoa flavonoids as […]


One of the most promising areas related to the healing properties of chocolate is dark chocolate for diabetics. Especially Type II diabetes, since complications of the disease affect not only the heart, but blood vessels, nerves, kidneys and eyes. Not any kind is good dark chocolate for diabetics A recent study done by Italian researchers suggests […]


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How can high flavonol dark chocolate help your skin? There are different types of skin problems. From skin cancers, to rough, dry, scaly skin, moles skin growths etc. A recent study from German researchers investigating the possible benefits of cocoa flavonols on the skin involved two groups of women. One group was given low flavanol […]

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The use of the “% Cacao” or “% Cocoa” designation on chocolate wrappers began in Europe, where chocolates must have a label indicating the product’s minimum total of cacao derived ingredients. That includes chocolate liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. In France and Spain, the total amount of  these three ingredients is listed as “% […]


What about Cocoa Antioxidant Dr. Lester Packer Biography Dr. Lester Packer, the world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist, received his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Yale University and has been a Professor and Senior Researcher at the University of California at Berkeley for the past 40 years. Dr. Packer currently pursues studies at the School […]


You may be surprised to learn that cocoa actually grows on trees – and even more surprised to learn that it is actually one of the most healthy fruits commonly eaten by man! Recent research studies  have shown a link between cocoa and cardiovascular health,  with reduced risk of blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks. Cornell […]


Ready for some incredibly delicious good news? Researchers at the University of Toronto have completed a study which they believe suggests that dark chocolate may significantly reduce the risk of both stroke and death by stroke . Nutritionists have long been singing chocolate’s praises as an antioxidant rich food, and it has even been observed that […]