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It might seem like an unlikely pairing but chocolate and blood pressure actually have a positive relationship. Learn the results of a German study that proved that dark chocolate can lower blood pressure. Chocolate and blood pressure work well Chocolate and blood pressure might seem like an unlikely combination, but a growing number of studies […]

Dark chocolate for workouts might seem like an unlike pairing, but research has shown that it can indeed help improve your workouts and fitness. Learn more about this breakthrough study. Dark chocolate for workouts is good Do you worry that fitness requires nutritional denial? Here is good news for you (with caveats, of course). Auspicious […]

We only need a few reasons to eat dark chocolate. The taste and momentary mood lift are enough to make it a treat that does not need a hard shell. If you are not eating it consistently, you could be missing out on some of the most amazing health benefits of dark chocolate you never […]

Aside from satisfying a chocolate craving, dark chocolate can also provide protection to your heart. The benefits of dark chocolate are attributed to the flavanol antioxidants found in the cocoa beans. Because dark chocolate is a plant-based product, it has many of the same antioxidant characteristic as green tea and blueberries. Always consult with your […]

According to researchers from the University of Granada in Spain, dark chocolate consumption is associated with lower central and total body fat levels among adolescents. And as if this is not good enough, these findings were independent of other factors like age, sex, physical activity levels and total energy intake. Study author Magdalena Cuenca-Garcia, PhD, […]

Dark Chocolate History Dating back into the golden old days of California’s gold rush, the Ghirardelli milk and dark chocolate has been present ever since. A 31-year-old native of Rapallo, Italy, who goes by the name of Domenico “Domingo” Ghirardelli, had been a very successful owner of the confectionery business situated in Lima, Peru, where […]


You can make chocolate last as long as you want it to (which is mostly not that long). I am usually a scarfer when it comes to chocolate. Nice thing about the healthy dark chocolate is that it is very satisfying, especially in taste. So I end up not eating too much, it feels rich […]


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I love movies with healthy dark chocolate. Probably one of the most popular Woody Allen movies is Sleeper. It really is a classic sci-fi movie in which a health food store owner passes away and his family cryogenically freezes his body in suspended animation. Down the road 200 years, when they find a cure for […]