health benefits of dark chocolate

The health benefits of dark chocolate cannot be denied, but the reason for this remains unknown, until this recent study. Learn about the research that proved how dark chocolate antioxidants are nutrients are absorbed in the body. There are many health benefits of dark chocolate The health benefits of consuming dark chocolate has been praised […]

We only need a few reasons to eat dark chocolate. The taste and momentary mood lift are enough to make it a treat that does not need a hard shell. If you are not eating it consistently, you could be missing out on some of the most amazing health benefits of dark chocolate you never […]

Cacao Beans and its healthy minerals

Dried Cacao Beans Cacao Beans are extraordinarily nutritious! Here are some of the minerals in cacao beans: Magnesium: Cacao beans seem to be the #1 source of magnesium of any food. Magnesium is one of the great alkaline minerals. It helps to support the heart, brain, and digestive system (it fights constipation). Magnesium is also […]


dark chocolate for diabetics

New study has Found More Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Diabetics University of Hull and the Hull York Medical School have just reported on a study that show how dark chocolate for diabetics may help cholesterol levels. It looks like there  may be significant results for Type II diabetics. This dark chocolate for diabetics project was […]

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One of the most promising areas related to the healing properties of chocolate is dark chocolate for diabetics. Especially Type II diabetes, since complications of the disease affect not only the heart, but blood vessels, nerves, kidneys and eyes. Not any kind is good dark chocolate for diabetics A recent study done by Italian researchers suggests […]


Many of the health benefits of dark chocolate are based around it’svarious ingredients to fight free radicals and minimize the effects of aging. Free radical damage is linked to more than 100 conditions ranging from heart disease and arthritis to dementia and diabetes. Cardiovascular health benefits of dark chocolate The protective effects of cocoa on […]


Listen  to hear what some people are saying about healthy dark chocolate antioxidants. What  kind of health benefits from dark chocolate will you get when you try this cold processed dark chocolate? Will you lose weight?

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Heart Failure and Dark Chocolate Good news, especially for women (although this may end up applying to men, too), dark chocolate helps your heart. We kind of knew this already. Dark chocolate has been shown in study after study to be good for cardiovascular health. Now a huge new study in Sweden is showing that […]