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If there’s one dark chocolate health benefits for men that you’d love to benefit from, it would probably be on sexual function. Learn how healthy dark chocolate can improve your sex life. 4 ways healthy dark chocolate can improve sex life It is a popular notion that chocolate is for lovers. But this is not […]

You can make chocolate last as long as you want it to (which is mostly not that long). I am usually a scarfer when it comes to chocolate. Nice thing about the healthy dark chocolate is that it is very satisfying, especially in taste. So I end up not eating too much, it feels rich […]


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I love movies with healthy dark chocolate. Probably one of the most popular Woody Allen movies is Sleeper. It really is a classic sci-fi movie in which a health food store owner passes away and his family cryogenically freezes his body in suspended animation. Down the road 200 years, when they find a cure for […]


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Sweet Chocolate History Lots of years right after the first chocolate was introduced to the Spanish monarchy and failed to steal their acceptance, Cortez dared to present then King Charles V with the new found harvest from the New World making all folks grow to be chocolate  lovers within the future. The bittersweet taste of […]

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Heart Failure and Dark Chocolate Good news, especially for women (although this may end up applying to men, too), dark chocolate helps your heart. We kind of knew this already. Dark chocolate has been shown in study after study to be good for cardiovascular health. Now a huge new study in Sweden is showing that […]


Mayan Dark chocolate Aphrodisiac The ancient Mayans drank chocolate for fertility, and the Aztecs were convinced that dark chocolate was a potent aphrodisiac. King Montezuma had rather a large harem which, as all harem keepers know, requires considerable dedication to satisfy. Fifty cups of dark chocolate a day later and Monte was a happy man. […]

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Nurses Mary B. Engler and Marguerite M. Engler from University of California at San Francisco did a study on the cardiovascular benefits of dark chocolate. Their study showed a connection between healthy dark chocolate rich in flavonoids — antioxidant plant compounds — and improved blood flow. The two became famous with many people inquiring if […]


We know that cocoa and dark chocolate are powerful  anti-inflammatory foods. And we know that one of the major concerns of inflammation is cardiovascular disease. Many studies now show that chronic, low-grade inflammation is a primary contributor to artherosclerosis, stroke, and other forms of cardiovascular disease. So how does healthy dark chocolate reduce inflammation? Dark chocolate […]

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