high blood pressure

Here’s what studies have shown high flavanoid dark chocolate (cocoa or cacao) can do for some people: May help balance good and bad cholesterol. Contributes to weight loss. Obesity is a contributor to high blood pressure March issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that blood sugar metabolism was significantly improved, as evidenced […]


High Blood Pressure and Dark Chocolate

High blood pressure is no joke. It is called the silent killer and it is expensive in many ways, some you may not even have thought about, yet. Some of the main problems that can happen when you have high blood pressure, (if you ignore the symptoms and don’t take steps towards lowering blood pressure), […]


Here’s another study about high blood pressure and dark chocolate. Actually, it’s more of a study of other studies from 1955 to 2009. They looked at scientific studies about the health benefits of dark chocolate antioxidants and the effects on high blood pressure. This was published in BMC Medicine June 2010 (and is being reported […]